Sunday, 3 January 2010

Print Project-Aesops Fables

This is my final piece for my print project. The brief was to illustrate an Aesops Fable and I chose the Jackdaw and his borrowed feathers. I picked this story as I thought the idea of drawing birds and their feathers would be nice, and I've always found Peacocks fascinating. The book cover was made using cheap cardboard,with expensive papers and real peacock feathers being used inside. I liked the combination between 'never judge a book by its a cover' and the moral of the faeble 'fine feathers does not necessarily mean a fine bird.' The prints inside were a combination of lino, stamps, and mono print-very very messy! The first few pictures were of the book halfway through (I had to stick all the pages together in one long line whilst making sure they folded how they were supposed to!) and the last were of it finally finished!!

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